Drive Train

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE Every 30,000 km or 2 years.

Transmission service

The last time your transmission oil was this clean your car was brand new! The Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) service will replace 100% of your vehicle's old, dirty fluid. That's important, considering traditional ATF changes drain little more than 30% of bad fluid from your transmission, leaving nearly three-quarters of your old fluid in the transmission to mix with the new. Designed by Lube Industry professionals. The Industrial Tranny Flusher offers special features that set it apart form the competition. The ITF improves ATF quality by up to 95% over conventional change methods for industrial sized transmissions, by completely flushing the cooling circuit, valve body and torque converter.

Inspection Plate Service

We remove & clean the transmission pan, replace the filter and gasket and refill the system with warranty approved fluid.

Differential Fluid Change

A differential is a box of gears that takes the movement of the spinning driveshaft through a 90 degree angle to the axles that turn the drive wheels. It also allows each side of the axle to rotate at different speeds. Over time, fluid inside can get dirty or burnt. Changing the fluid can help reduce wear and prolong the differentials life span. We recommend this service every 25,000 kms.

Transfer Case Fluid Change

Transfer case fluid change

A transfer case is a unit that controls the flow of power to the front and rear drive axles when you shift back and forth between two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Replacing the fluid when it starts to break down will help extend the life of your unit, by reducing the wear and tear on the gears and parts inside. We recommend this service every 25,000 kms.

Manual Transmission Fluid Change

This type of transmission system is a unit of gears, selected by the driver using a gear shift and foot operated clutch. These gears can move apart or together in various combinations to determine how fast and with how much power the car's wheels will turn and in which direction. Over time, the extreme forces being exerted by these gears will breakdown the transmission oil leaving your transmission susceptible to rust, dirt and damage caused by overheated parts. We recommend this service every 25,000 kms.

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